• 'Cause there's no antidote for this curse.
  • Passionate from miles away, passive with the things you say.
  • Que estando triste cantava.
  • Fica-se logo perdido com vontade de chorar.
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  • thinker of tender thoughts
  • patchouli coast
  • 🌸 hanami 🌸
  • & you speak to me behind your green stare

  • you learn to take it as it comes
  • we come in the age's most uncertain hour
  • cute as a cucumber, pretty as a pea
  • sit down be humble
  • monastic
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  • i'm little but i'm coming for the crown.
  • hold me in this wild, wild world cause in your warmth i forget how cold it can be.
  • you're deadly like a gun, yeah you're deadly like the drugs i used to love.
  • you are under no obligation to write comfortable stories.
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  • The dragons do not dream. The dragons are dreams. They do not work magic; it is their substance, their being. They do not do; they are.
  • It is one thing to read about dragons and another to meet them.
  • Don't mind me, just working on some character development...
  • Always speak politely to an enraged dragon.

  • Just a little something
  • You're not that pretty But my eyes keep going to you [TGIV]
  • new dying reason: going to see Dean live
  • dying from the gallant x tablo x eric nam collab
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  • Gonna take you down and laugh when you cry.
  • There's no pride in sharing scars to prove it.
  • Turn your love way up inside.
  • Is this such fantasy that I should think someone like you could love a creep like me?

  • You know it's just the way things are Cannot buy the sun This jealousy will break the whole
  • I'm cold when the temperatures dip below 70s How can I be burr around L.A. coast?
  • If I quit this season, I still be the greatest
  • And oh.. take me off your mailing list For kids that think it still exists Yes, for those who think it still exists

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